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When visiting a hospital the most memorable aspects are usually the smell of disinfectant and how clean the hospital was. Hospitals require clean and sterile environments to help patients recuperate without worrying about contacting other illnesses and also to prevent the spread of illnesses from patient to patient. Scrubs go a long way in helping hospital personnel maintain the high levels of cleanliness required.

The medical attires are tailored to meet the specific day to day hospital garment requirements. For starters they are designed to minimize instances of dirt or any dust particles getting lodged in seams which translate to possible transference to the patients. Patients require the most sterile environments to recuperate. This is the reason why people get hospitalized; to take them out of their everyday environments laden with viruses and opportunistic illnesses waiting to strike. Hospitals could be the most sterile places found anywhere. Hospital personnel similarly have to comply with the high cleanliness requirements. Surgeons particularly are required to maintain the highest cleanliness levels when performing surgical operations on patients. The scrubs they wear easily get stained from bodily fluids during surgical procedures. This is why hospitals stock up on wholesale scrubs to ensure that there is always an extra pair available for surgeons to quickly change into and move on to the next surgical procedure.


Hospitals employ several staff members ranging from cleaners, cooks, nurses and doctors. It is important for patients to be able to distinguish a cleaner from a nurse. Scrubs help in distinguishing different personnel by different colors being assigned to different staff members. For instance most doctors maintain their normal clothes and wear a white coat over them when doing normal hospital rounds. However when conducting surgical procedures they wear blue or solid green scrubs. Nurses on the other hand always wear brightly colored scrubs in a wide range of designs. Nurses working in the pediatric wing could wear scrubs with cartoon characters or other interesting prints. Buying wholesale scrubs ensures that every personnel member has access to their particular assigned medical attire as required.

Hospital staff members are always on the move; nurses move from bed to bed checking up on patients, cleaners are always running mops over the floor to ensure the hospital stays clean and doctors are always rushing to assist patients in critical conditions. It is for these reasons why scrubs are tailored to heighten movement patterns. The medical attires are loosely fit and provided in short sleeved V neck shirts and draw string pants. The wearer can run, bend, lift and perform a number of other movement oriented functions with ease while wearing them. Such movement requirements may be difficult to perform in normal everyday clothes. Wholesale scrubs are available to any personnel member who might have forgotten their own pair at home.

Temporary staff members get recruited to help out in hospitals especially when the employed hospital staff cannot handle the high numbers of patients going through hospitals daily. Irrespective of how long this staff members stay at the hospital, they require medical attires to identify them as staff members. Patients always look for help from a staff member wearing identifiable hospital attire. Scrubs are issued to temporary hospital staff for this reason. Hospitals stock wholesale scrubs to ensure that they are always available for temporary staff members.

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