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Home Security Its Serious

Security issomething that most of us dont tend to think much about in our busylives. We are on the go constantlytrying to keep appointments always rushing everywhere to save time. We spend alarge amount of our day away from home leaving early in the morning andreturning hours later. Our homes aretherefore left empty and vulnerable for long periods at a time.

Whilst we areat work, on holiday or doing some shopping there is unfortunately a smallsector of society who are always on the lookout for the ideal property tobreak-into. With the current economicclimate as it is it is a sad fact that crime will start to rise. So what are the options how do I deter theburglar and feel safe and secure in my own home without feeling like aprisoner?

The simple answer is to make your home asunattractive to a burglar as possible using some quite basic techniques. Thesecan include a light being switched on and off by a timer during the darkermonths of the year. Installing externallighting activated via a photo cell especially at the rear of the property. Leaving a radio switched on in the kitchen orhall. Closing the blinds at the rear ofthe property to prevent burglars from seeing in, if they cant see what is withinthe room they are unlikely to risk a break in.Try not to use an answering machine as this is a dead give-away that theproperty is empty if an interested burglar obtains your phone number and callsyou. Keep back gates locked and use anti vandal non-drying paint on the tops offence panels, guttering and around the edges of accessible flat roofareas. Never leave ladders unsecured asthese will aid a burglar to gain entry to first floor windows. Dont hide the spare key in an obvious placee.g. under a plant pot by the front door.If possible try and vary your routine, its surprising just how manypeople are broken into within the ten minute slot it took for them to nip outand buy a pint of milk. Yes itsunnerving but more often than not the burglar is probably watching yourproperty and waiting for the ideal opportunity to break in.

Obviously if you feel you are in a high riskarea then in the first instance you need a good quality alarm. The next step to take is to look at usingsome physical security like window grilles,shutters and security gates. Thiscombination of an alarm and grilles is the best defence to avoid a break-in. Not only is a burglar put off by a noisyalarm but the thought of also having to physically break through security grillesis more than sufficient to move them on to an easiertarget. Initially the thought of usinggrilles can be a turn of for most people.Modern made to measure retractable grilles installed within the recessof the window can easily blend in with you dcor and hide behind the curtains. Mostsecurity grilles are designed, when opened, to fold back to a fraction of thewidth of its overall size. Powder coatedin a whole range of high quality finishes they can actually enhance theappearance of your home rather than retract from it.

Rollershutters are common place on commercial properties, shops and officesalike. Using them on domestic dwellingsis something that we in the UK are unfamiliar with. On the continent shutters are used widely onhouses for security, privacy and insulation. Adding a shutter over your patiodoors for instance certainly offers a high level of visual security andphysical security. Using a built onshutter basically means the shutter is installed at the property after it hasbeen constructed. You can also have thebuilt-in shutter system which incorporates the shutter into the fabric of thebuilding meaning when it is not in use the guide rails and box are hidden fromview. This is only available on newbuild properties but the system is starting to be utilised more often by up todate architects.

Home security is something we dont want tothink about but nobody wants to have a burglary either, having an intruder inyour home is most peoples nightmare but more and more often burglaries aretaking palace late at night while you are in bed. Securing your home neednt been a drasticmeasure and with a few simple changes to your home this can easily beachieved. But like it or not security issomething worth thinking about!