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Do’s And Don’ts Of Content In Web Designing

Submitted by: Zahir Thomas

We have all heard the importance of content and how it has the capability to catapult your website to new heights. Great content gets the reader to stick to your page and keep returning for more updates. But I have come across websites that cramp so much content, relevant and irrelevant to the subject on one page that the visitors find it hard to move from one line to another without reading each line twice. A well structured content along with a good design concept goes a long way and pays off.

So I feel there are few simple rules one can follow to get this desired effect from the content created and I thought maybe I should pen it down on this article.

Keeping It Simple


This is by far the hardest thing to do for any writer and yet it is what has over the years yielded more results than any other method. Be it a website or graphic design brochures keeping it simple and easy to understand ensures the proper transfer of the message. The danger of going simple is, the writer tends to over do it, leaving an impression of slackness and lack of depth. The idea is to keep the depth and core of the message tight while still putting it in a layman’s word.

Your work as a designing company does not only reach out to those in the design industry alone but also those in others as well and having them understand you and your business in the most simplest of ways is the key to your steady growth.

Proper Separation of Thoughts

A write up needs to be well structured and properly divided. Every line is a thought and should be taken care of not being distorted from the previous statement or the one following it. The proper separation of thought holds the key to the proper understanding of the subject spoken. Once all the thoughts are properly separated it helps to lead the reader move from one subject to another smoothly without an abrupt jump leaving the reader hanging . Too many websites that I have read has moved to different topics even before the idea really manages to set in.

Avoid Disconnection

Disconnection usually happens when the writer tends to jump from one topic to another without creating the bridge for it. This is a definite no when it come to writing in the graphic web designing field. It does well to have a connecting statement that smoothly guides the reader from point A to point B. Disconnection can be avoided if the writer sees to the proper connection between the thoughts and the structure of the content. When the connection between each separated thought is properly met, the reader practically knows whats the next point and is ready for it.

These three simple rules have always helped me in my writing and I have successfully managed to implement it in some of the content work I have done in the recent past.

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