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Dog Training Collars Product Reviews Types Of Dog Training Collars

Dog Training Collars Product Reviews – Types of Dog Training Collars


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he most used application for dog shock collars is the wireless trainer. This dog shock collar is perfect for those of you that intend on controlling when the dog gets the static correction. It truly is excellent for acquiring your pets focus, and the stimulus should always be supported with a oral command. Your dog will very soon relate the oral command with that particular behavior you are trying to deter, therefore you will no longer be required to apply the static correction, but it will be there in the event your pet decides to disobey the verbal command.

The next application of dog shock collar we are going to focus on is the Anti-Bark Shock Collar. This collar is going to initiate the static adjustment if it detects the vibration from the dogs vocal cords any time it barks. Your dog will soon identify the stimulation to barking, and will be deterred from doing so. These types of collars are available in a no-shock variation, such as a no-bark spray collar. These collars operate in the very same way with the exception of the stimulation. It will substitute the static correction to a spray of citronella, which happens to be particularly unpleasant to some pets. The no-bark spray collar often doesn\’t work on hard headed dogs.

Next, there is the dog shock collar containment system. This product generates an hidden boundary that will switch on a audible alert if the receiver (collar) gets close to the external limits of the transmitter\’s range. Whenever the receiver passes the established limitation of the transmitter, it will cause a static adjustment until the receiver is back within the created fence.

Dog Shock Collar Reviews – Additional Features


In our dog shock collar reviews, you will notice differences with the following factors:

– Range of the shock collars

– Several dog shock collars on the same remote or for the same fence (for anyone with several dogs that require training or containment)

– Remote dog shock collars that have variable levels of stimulus

– Dog shock collars which have alternate stimulus such as vibration or audible alert

– Shock collars with rechargeable battery packs or disposable batteries

– Dog shock collars and transmitters that are either water proof or water resistant

– Dog shock collars with several applications such as containment and remote training, anti-bark and remote training, etc.

All of these features can help you in choosing the dog shock collar that best suits your preferences. In case you are exclusively after containment, then clearly you wouldn\’t want a multiple application shock collar. Or if you are utilizing the dog shock collar for hunting, you could be away from a source of electricity for a few days at once and the rechargeable shock collar model might not be the best option for you. You are able to carry additional batteries with you, but you can\’t take electricity with you into the backcountry.

The reasons for these additional features are clearly explained in our Dog Remote Training Collar article. So remember to take some time to read through it to determine if you will want any of these features.

There are several brands of shock collars, but not all will work with your dog. Take the time to take a look at our evaluations to identify the most suitable fit for you and your pet. For more info follow this link

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