Appropriate Medical Scrubs Uniforms For The Clinic Or Office

Appropriate Medical Scrubs Uniforms for the Clinic or Office


J B Ware

Whether it is a surgeon s office, a dermatologist clinic, dentist s office or even a veterinary clinic the proper use of medical uniform is paramount. The medical scrubs that are worn by the staff speak volumes to the patients. The uniforms are always the patient s first impression. Badly chosen or unpleasant uniforms may result in the loss of a patient and business. The scrubs uniform should be both appealing to the look and functional. With the immense choices of medical scrubs today it can get confusing about what is appropriate or not. Let s take a look at how you can best outfit the staff in an appropriate uniform for maximum positive experience for the patient.

First and foremost all scrub uniforms, including lab coats should be clean and pressed. They should be size appropriate for the person. Wearing uniforms that are tight is not only unappealing to the look it is also nonfunctional when excessive movement is required. Loose fitting scrubs are only appropriate in the treatment or procedure rooms where comfort and functionality are more important than style.


Coordinating scrub tops prints are always a welcome sight for the patient. It shows professionalism and a sense of team work to better care for the patient. The print of the uniforms should be appropriate for the individual service. For example, a dentist s office should wear a print related to dental practice not a print with animals which would be more appropriate for a veterinary s office. Generic prints can be appropriate in most cases. Be careful with holiday prints. Certain holidays, especially religious holidays, may be offensive to some customers.

Color selection of medical scrubs is also important consideration for the office staff. Most patients who are there for a visit or a procedure are somewhat apprehensive about what is about to happen to them or their family. Certain colors will help elevate some of these apprehensions and others may elevate them. For example red is associated with blood which may be the patient s biggest fear when facing a procedure while blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, and truth. Black is a symbol of death and should never be part of the office uniform. Some simple research will help in choosing the best and worse colors that are appropriate for the office or clinic. It is important to choose colors that are appealing to the patient and help calm them emotionally.

The medical scrubs uniform worn by the staff of any medical office or clinic has a huge underlying effect on the patients or customers. Appropriate uniforms may result in repeated or increased business for the clinic. Use of inappropriate uniforms may cause a loss of business. The effects will not be obvious because the patient will not verbalize their approval or negative response of the staff uniforms. They may not even realize it themselves. They may just know something makes them feel comfortable or uncomfortable about the experience. It is important to do a little research and thought before outfitting the staff with uniforms. It may be more important than you think.


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