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Submitted by: Mark Yarbrough

Planning a new job or career move in 2008? Whether you are a new graduate looking for the best match for your degree, a laid-off middle manager or just an hourly employee who’s tired of your current job, it would pay to do some research and planning before you make a career move in 2008. Globalism and the international marketplace are affecting great changes in America’s workforce. Manufacturing is the one sector of America’s economy that is perhaps most negatively effected by the forces of globalism. With the outsourcing of so many American manufacturing jobs overseas, and the moving of factories to foreign states, careers associated with manufacturing like industrial electricians, mechanical engineers, and quality control technicians are experiencing a decline.

Other career fields are experiencing an increasing demand for workers however, among these are health care workers, dental technicians, marketing professionals and translators. With the changing global economy it is important to be aware of what factors are at work and what trends are driving demand for workers in business sectors that are currently expanding.

In addition to these considerations, it would be a good idea to assess, or re-assess your personal goals, interests, talents, training and abilities. We all have a fairly good idea of what we are good at, and what we are interested in, but many times interest and aptitude tests can reveal a hidden passion or talent that we may not fully realize we had. If you discover some hidden potential or interest within yourself, such information would be valuable indeed when considering possible future career paths. Here’s a great website to take free aptitude, interest and IQ tests:


It’s tough finding a job these days, no doubt, but it’s very important to be persistent, and stay focused. You may have to make some compromises along the way accept a lower paying job in a related field, or go back to school for more training, but as long as you don’t give up you’re never defeated. Keep hammering away, make adjustments to your plans when necessary, continue to gather information about opportunities and your own abilities and the payoff, (or payday), will come eventually.

One thing to consider also ideas for low, or even no-investment businesses have absolutely NOT been exhausted. People are constantly inventing new niche markets or finding a need that can be serviced for a profit. Many people are finding sustainable careers nowadays in everything from home day care to college resume and fax services to independent web design and marketing. So consider do you have a talent or ability that you could market? Can you see a need for a service you can provide to your local community? Many people are currently making incredible incomes from things they started on a whim or hunch part time that somehow turned into a rewarding full-time career. One thing in common with many such success stories is the fact that the individuals involved started doing something that they enjoyed or had an intense interest in, therefore they had a driving force other than just money to propel them toward a goal that often-times developed along the way.

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