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What Essentials You Must Know About Coveted Management Entrance Exams Like Snap, Nmat And Xat 2013

What Essentials You Must Know About Coveted Management Entrance Exams Like SNAP, NMAT And XAT 2013


Sanjay Joshi

The competition prevailing in the corporate world is not hidden from any person. In fact, the pressure of this competition has taken over the students as well. A constant fight to win the race and get ahead of everybody has resulted into a majority of students today to take more competitive exams for higher professional education. And with the increase in the demand for MBA aspirants, today one would find almost every person pursuing MBA.


As a student who is preparing for his MBA exams, you would realise how difficult it is to shine out with better results. MBA exams are not about any bookish enlightenment but a majority of it depends upon the quantitive ability. However, it is usually this section of the MBA exams which scares a majority of the MBA exam aspirants irrespective of their knowledge ability. But for a true and serious aspirant of MBA exam needs to clear this hurdle with success as well. If you are an aspirant of MBA exam and preparing for XAT, NMAT or SNAP exam then you would surely need some guidance and better understanding regarding the quantitative ability sections pattern. Let us have a look at the essentials of these competitive and higher level exams one by one. This would highlight upon the analysis as well as trends of the MBA quantitative ability sections. XAT EXAM: Xaviers Admission Test or XAT is considered as one of the toughest MBA exam in India. Students find the QA section of this exam as most difficult; however few tips would help you clear it with ease. QA section of XAT mainly comprises of statistics, numbers, compound and simple interests, mensuration and geometry, bar charts, ratio, time and distance, variations, Venn diagram, profit & loss, trigonometry, mixtures and alligations, percentages etc. XAT exam questions more about geometry, arithmetics and advanced mathematics. Instead of being based highly upon applications, XAT exam is highly based upon concepts. Thus, Students appearing for XAT 2013 should pay more attention towards concept based questions. SNAP Exam: One of the most sought after exam, Symbiosis National Aptitude Test exam differs in different level which goes from simple to moderate. Arithmetic rules this exams question paper. Though it includes areas of mensuration, algebra, geometry; topics such as permutation and combination, profit and loss, directions, distance and time, percentages, probability are most asked questions. It is advisable for the students appearing for SNAP 2013 to concentrate more upon the arithmetic and gain perfection in it for better results. NMAT exam: Converted into a computer based exam, NMAT exams quantitative analysis section comprises of calculations and not aptitude. A lot of attention should be paid towards arithmetic, geometry and algebra. The students appearing for NMAT 2013 should ensure that they pay proper attention towards their quantitative section as once out of this section, the students would not be allowed to go back to that section again. Proper attention towards such minute details regarding these competitive exams would provide students with an additional benefit and help them give their exam with more confidence.

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